Media Tech Solutions

We provide solutions to conceive, develop and maintain high quality content to end user.


We provide solutions to conceive, develop and maintain high quality, scalable and reliable OTT platform for MSO to deliver Live TV, Catch up TV and Video On Demand(VOD) content to end user.

The proposed OTT platform consists of the following components

Content Handling and Management Sub System-The function of this system is to ingest,transcode,manage,distribute and deliver content to end users.

DRM subsystem-Digital Rights Management(DRM) is used to secure content and ensure that only end users who have purchased the content can play it on approved devices alone.

Subscriber Management Subsystem-It enables management of users,devices,packages,billing and payments.

Analytics and Recommendation System-Tracks user, content and payment related events to enable dashboard and reports. The database is also used to support real time content recommendations based on a variety of parameters including content being viewed, past viewing behavior, aggregate usage patterns etc.

Operations Management System(OMI)-Admin dashboard and management portal to monitor and manage entire system functionality.

Client app-End user uses client apps on various devices including mobile,tablet and web platforms to login and access content offered by the system. It relies on DRM enabled player to playback secure secured content.