With the digital growth and revolution, testing and QA are more critical than ever before. Our Key objectives include

  • Build TCOE blocks in a time effective manner to aid adoption
  • Improve current QA state and move towards a dedicated centralized model
  • Implement common test process, tools and methodologies
  • Bring in industry best practices
  • Improve operational efficiencies by early involvement of testing team in SDLC
  • Improve the Quality and minimize cost.

Functional Testing

  • End to End Testing: From testing requirements to test execution, with extensive reporting and management.
  • Database Testing: Validationof correctness of the data in the form of data mapping and to ensure the data integrity.
  • Functionality Testing: Feature validation of an entire function or component of your product.
  • System Integration Testing: Product functionality performance testing in an integrated environment through rigorous module testing.
  • User Acceptance Testing: Ensure the product meets end user functional requirements.
  • Regression Testing: Correction of product defects for each new release and ensure that no new quality problems are introduced.

Performance Testing

We provide performance testing services where we build frameworks to accelerate the process and optimize testing. We have extensive expertise in databases, high volume transaction systems and related technologies.

  • Performance test seeks to confirm the performance of the technical architecture and models the anticipated production workload.
  • It consists of the performance of software applications,integration,databases,networks and the hardware components within the scope of the implementation, and in support of meeting non-functional requirements.
  • It is conducted to perform testing of non-functional requirements including data storage/transfer/archival and the ability to meet defined SLA’s for business processes and functional flows.

Performance Engineering

We provide services for performance tuning and profiling to improve the product performance. We help in monitoring of the performance capabilities, these normally operate at the operating system, network and server levels eg:CPU utilization, memory utilization, disk I/O and for J2EE servers the JVM performance including garbage collection.

We have a group of experts who are responsible for profiling and tuning who have established “base model” checklist to tune the operating systems,network,servers(application,web,database,load balancer etc) and any message queuing software.


We recommend to construct a test automation program operated by production support to validate current production facilities when new releases come, and to accelerate project end to end testing.

  • As on demand, ready to execute regression testing suite that safeguards production functionalities.
  • Release Management assesses risks of project releases based on regression testing results.
  • End to end testing of projects is accelerated by leveraging automated test scripts fed with data variations.
  • Project investments can focus on business design and advanced quality assurance(such as business validation).
  • Production support team is able to independently execute testing in a large scale.

Test Management

We provide test advisory and test transformation services through innovation, path breaking approach to bring in efficiencies, improving time to market and reducing cost of quality.

The main focus areas are as below:

  • Test estimation
  • Testing Demand and Supply Management
  • Testing Resource Management
  • RFP Testing scope estimation
  • RFP Response review
  • Project Test status reporting
  • Project Defect Management
  • Test Management office
  • Continuous improvement
  • Thought leadership

Tools support

With the extensive usage of tools for dashboard and reporting, arose the need of administration and ability to restrict the users to only acquire the required privileges only.

Below are primarily the tools support offerings:

  • HP ALM-We provide extensive capabilities in end to end ALM administration including dashboard reporting, customization of reports and seasoned competency in migration, patches and any other miscellaneous data generation inline with the test execution.
  • Tableau-Extensive capabilities in building interactive dashboards, fetching the data dynamically and visualizing the data for a delighted customer experience. Core competencies lies in strategically breaking down of the data and evolving calculations to meet the customer's requirement.