Matching the Talent with the Right Opportunities

With the time and experience we have understood that staffing is not all about just sourcing, screening and scheduling.

We truly believe that staffing has evolved and so we are!!!

We feel that Its more of human touch to understand the client and the candidate and ensure to connect the right skills with the right opportunities.


Head of Global Talent Acquisition

Your unique experience with SiSpL ! ! !

Yes you got it right, we @ SiSpL give you a different experience from Day one of the engagement through our efforts to understand client and candidate. We stand out from the crowd with our unique qualities like transparency, technical abilities to understand the client's requirements and the candidate's capabilities. Time savings, Suitable replacements, Rightly skilled candidates, Right fit to the budget are our key considerations while helping our clients.

Our Services

Permanent Staffing

We @ SiSpL support Permanent staffing for our clients as if we are hiring for our own organization-meaning we help our clients in Technical fitment, Cultural fitment. Give our best in terms of understanding the client's requirement with the help of our strong TechnoHRs.  We stand different from the rest in terms of candidate management process that helps our clients to have long term engagements with the candidates.

Contract Staffing

Not sure of the duration? or not sure of the need of the talent in future? Nothing to worry. We @ SiSpL support Contract staffing for our clients. We work towards supplying the right skilled candidates for short term or long term. We offer flexibility, reliability, lesser risk but a prompt solutions.

Staff Augmentation

SiSpL offers cost-efficient engagement models for Staff Augmentation and help clients   to upscale and downscale based on their project requirements. Our approach is always around  reducing cost, improving quality, and increase responsiveness. Our technical capabilities help clients find the right resource in a short time and at a very competitive price.

Contract to Hire

We @ SiSpL offer the highest flexibility to all our customers and open to offer any model that suits the client's requirements.

Employer benefit -- Contract-to-hire placements helps our clients to assess a worker’s technical skills, soft skills, and cultural fit before extending an offer of full-time employment.

Candidate benefit -- Contract to hire arrangements allow candidates  to try out the job and company culture before committing to a permanent position. It also allows candidates the opportunity to demonstrate their value to the company.

Recruitment? we understand it better

We have learnt the recruitment with the time and the experience. @SiSpL,  we have learnt to maintain highest transparency and honesty in what we do. Hence we are able to do better in managing the requirements, meet the client’s expectations, and understand candidate’s career aspirations and goals. Blending our recruitment skills with our technical capabilities is an added advantage for us to deliver better.

Vimala Patil

Account Manager

Staff Augmentation | Permanent Staffing | Contract Staffing | Contract to Hire

We @ SiSpL open to adapt and support any model that suits to our clients. Be it Permanent staffing or Contract staffing or Contract to hire, we work the same. Our fundamental approach is towards both client and candidate centric. Hence we always work towards delivering the best to our clients and candidates. Our Vibrant and passionate team @ SiSpL, blend of experienced & young professionals ready to support our clients. We are known for our technical capabilities, strong recruitment acumen and passion for the staffing.

A poet & a marathon jogger, playing with the technology for more than 30 years-crafting a master piece - Office HRMS ! ! !

Office HRMS is a product out of passion for simplifying the business operations blending with the technical capabilities. The product is built using Java, Spring boot, MySqL, Android, AWS and Microservices to highlight.
A SaaS platform-cloud based, Office HRMS is built to provide high security using spring security.

Office HRMS is a feature rich, stable, user friendly yet pocket friendly tool that is developed out of passion.

Creative android apps talk about my passion and love towards android ! ! !

Blending the technology with the creativity is the key for the success We find many technocrafts but adding creativity to it is a big plus which you will experience with all our android apps. All our android apps are crafted with creativity, balanced graphics without missing the user friendly flow. Adapting to the new technology but retaining user friendly flow and operations is more challenging and that is the fun we have @ SiSpL. a great experience and fun to master php and laravel ! ! !

Understanding the sports and every minute aspect of the sports and then give a shape to the sports technically was a great challenge and the fun as well. Developing an unique social media platform for sports, developing an engine for the fixtures, supporting umpire app, book and play app was a great experience that helped me to master over php and laravel.

work @ SiSpL helped me to take ownership of the tasks, understand the product from the business front. Now we can proudly say php and laravel would be our another sport to play on the computer

Recruitment is our passion and we truly enjoy it

Recruitment is more of understanding the candidate's career goals and ensure the opportunities are meeting the candidate's aspiration. In my opinion a successful hiring can be achieved through honest and transparent communications. Candidate management is the key in hiring. We @ SiSpL understand this better and we ensure to take care of the stake holder to the best possibilities.

Any Business success deeply connected with the right and effective HR activities

We do understand that the Employees are the key stake holders in the success of our organization. Hence we @ SiSpL take at most care of our employees so that they will be comfortable to deliver their tasks. We are passionate in what we do hence our delivery excellence is relatively high.

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