Cloud based Office HRMS-redefining the HRMS

Cloud based Office HRMS is an HRMS software that combines IT,HR, Finance teams together with respect to the employee. It is missioned and commissioned to provide the best HRMS software to all the industries be it small or medium or large enterprises at low cost. It offers features like onboarding till separation, on boarding documentation, pay rolling, Leave management, Expense management, profile management, holiday management, employee engagement, time sheets, contactless attendance and many more to list

Office HRMS-Simple yet Powerful

Its just a fraction of a minute company is onboarded, another fraction of a minute to bring it up and start using it. Yes you read it correct. It takes one to two minutes to start using for your organization. The software architecture ensures data is security and stored  in your own cloud server and not on the service provider cloud storage.

Your data-Your cloud-Our software and all at unbelievable cost

A smart HRMS yet not heavy on your pockets ! ! !

World is moving towards Digital and so the HRMS. However many companies are struggling to get the right HRMS that is user friendly and feature rich. If they find one then it will be too expensive. Office HRMS is very friendly and not heavy on your budget.

Office HRMS-Features

On boarding to Separation
Asset management
Employee data management
Digital Insurance card
Holiday management
Leave management
Payroll management
Department management
Gallery management
Contactless attendance
Expense management
Cost center management
Incident management
Digital visiting card
Time sheet management
Vendors management
Employee engagement
Policy management
My team management
Client management
Birthday celebrations
Talent acquisition
Customizable reports
Billing/PO management

Many more features to explore

Product management and engineering is more of fun

A great fun in bringing up the Office HRMS, creating user friendly business flows and ensuring it to be more effective is always a great challenge and we @ SiSpL ensured it. Building a robust enterprise cloud based Office HRMS that can cater to small, medium and large enterprises, belonging to any sector was really great challenge and we could achieve it only because of PASSION and  DEDICATION OF THE TEAM.

Office HRMS @ unbelievable cost to you ! ! !

Yes you read it right. Office HRMS comes at very unbelievable cost to you. It costs you just Rs10/- per person per month. What all you need to have is more than 2 employees and a cloud server. If you dont have then we will help you to create one where all your employee data is safe. None of your details or data will be stored in our server. No hidden cost or No one time cost or No maintenance cost. Yes of course the tech support cost will be separate which is optional.

A poet & a marathon jogger, playing with the technology for more than 30 years-crafting a master piece - Office HRMS ! ! !

Office HRMS is a product out of passion for simplifying the business operations blending with the technical capabilities. The product is built using Java, Spring boot, MySqL, Android, AWS and Microservices to highlight.
A SaaS platform-cloud based, Office HRMS is built to provide high security using spring security.

Office HRMS is a feature rich, stable, user friendly yet pocket friendly tool that is developed out of passion.

Creative android apps talk about my passion and love towards android ! ! !

Blending the technology with the creativity is the key for the success We find many technocrafts but adding creativity to it is a big plus which you will experience with all our android apps. All our android apps are crafted with creativity, balanced graphics without missing the user friendly flow. Adapting to the new technology but retaining user friendly flow and operations is more challenging and that is the fun we have @ SiSpL. a great experience and fun to master php and laravel ! ! !

Understanding the sports and every minute aspect of the sports and then give a shape to the sports technically was a great challenge and the fun as well. Developing an unique social media platform for sports, developing an engine for the fixtures, supporting umpire app, book and play app was a great experience that helped me to master over php and laravel.

work @ SiSpL helped me to take ownership of the tasks, understand the product from the business front. Now we can proudly say php and laravel would be our another sport to play on the computer

Recruitment is our passion and we truly enjoy it

Recruitment is more of understanding the candidate's career goals and ensure the opportunities are meeting the candidate's aspiration. In my opinion a successful hiring can be achieved through honest and transparent communications. Candidate management is the key in hiring. We @ SiSpL understand this better and we ensure to take care of the stake holder to the best possibilities.

Any Business success deeply connected with the right and effective HR activities

We do understand that the Employees are the key stake holders in the success of our organization. Hence we @ SiSpL take at most care of our employees so that they will be comfortable to deliver their tasks. We are passionate in what we do hence our delivery excellence is relatively high.

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